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<i id="blue">Ask Adlin</i>: Pets suffer abandonment from Katrina

Posted Sep 06, 02:47 PM

Adlin – How do you feel about the pets left behind in the wake of Katrina’s forced evacuation of New Orleans? – Jenny B, Buffalo, NY

As most who know me well will share, I have a very soft spot for animals, especially cats and dogs. Life is not so much about what you have as who you spend your life with. Therefore, we bring pets into our lives for the love and fun they bring to our house party.

Recently, we adopted four cats from the cat pound. We intended to find two, but while we were there it was increased to three and then we ended up with four. They ranged in age from 12 weeks to 15 months and all had sad stories. The eldest had given birth to a litter, and was placed in a container with the newly born kittens and thrown over a ravine. Her tail was chopped off with the fall, but she survived the ordeal. Three weeks later, she—her name is Mia—and the others are settling in fine. They have brought immense joy, since our home was left with a huge gap when the last of our first brood of cats died in April, in transit for a spiritual retreat in Sedona. We must have cried two rivers during the 240 mile journey.

And so my heart goes out to every dog and cat owner who was forced to leave their pets behind when they were evacuated from New Orleans. They must be truly heart-broken not knowing the fate of their pet(s), and being forced to accept a difficult decision in order to survive themselves. As they adjust to their new lifestyle, their minds will drift back to where they parted with their animal family member(s) and what those pets may have endured after their evacuation.

Yet, animals are far better at survival than most humans and have an uncanny knack of surviving the worst scenarios. I expect to hear of some miraculous tales in the weeks ahead of pets finding their families hundreds of miles away. This reminds me of the true story of a dog that was lost when a family moved 1100 miles, and three months later the dog turned up on the doorstep. For 84+ days he trudged wearily onwards, but somehow found his family. How could this be, other than God sending him forth? We are all God’s creatures—big and small—and are connected by the universal subconscious mind. Hurt an animal, as you would a human, and karma will reign down on you.

People and animals enter our life with a given purpose. It is part of our journey of discovery as we venture on our spiritual mission within a physical voyage. Often we must embrace unexpected loss of a family member or friend. In time, the grief will dissipate and we are able to accept the loss and move on with our lives. Sometimes a door shuts in our face when another is about to open…who knows what joys lie ahead.

Tears are being shed all over the U.S. as you read this blog commentary. Families are missing their pets, sensing their fate of loneliness, starvation, and cruelty from the elements. Most will likely perish, but some will find their way home. Let’s hope their pain and suffering will be minimized.

Written by Adlin Sinclair
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